Reusable Sanitary Pads


At Eco Lily, we design products with you in mind! And, with so many valuable reasons to switch from ordinary disposable pads, we encourage you to join the movement!


Whether you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution or one that’s better for the world we live in, Eco Lily’s 6-piece cloth sanitary pads are your answer!


You can make a very responsible decision to leave considerably less waste that may take decades to disintegrate. By using our practical cloth hygiene pads during your monthly cycle, you’ll be making a wise decision to recycle and reuse – and that’s a noble act.


Our pads wash easily with soap and water and dry quickly.



If you’ve never tried Eco Lily’s reusable cloth Sanitary pads and panty liners, you’re going to appreciate how comfortable they are as they offer a more natural feel than traditional disposable pads.

Purchase your set of 6 charcoal lined cloth pads today and feel great about your contributions to support the environment!

Wash Care

We recommend washing your pads before first time use.

1. Rinse your pads in cold water or leave to soak overnight to prevent staining.

2. Hand or machine wash warm. Avoid fabric conditioner as it reduces the absorbancy.

3. Hang to dry works best!



  • EFFECTIVE ABSORBENCY WITH MULTILAYERS: Top layer is fleece with embedded bamboo charcoal to neutralize odours, middle layers are absorbent microfiber and the outer layer is a waterproof PUL fabric.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Made for all women and teens, the fabric pads are easy to line your underwear. Just position, fold the wings to the underside of your pants and snap into place. Bonus storage wet bag.

  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: The chemical-free pantyliners are as absorbent as plush towels and offer great protection during daily wear.

  • PROTECT THE EARTH: At Eco Lily, we’re dedicated to offering you eco-friendly solutions to leave less of a footprint in nature. Our women’s hygiene products are reusable napkins, for zero waste.

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